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Open Beta Update
Due to a statutory holiday in Russia this week, the team enjoyed a much needed day off to recharge and rest, because of this, we were only able to release a smaller update. You can read about it here. This update fixed some critical crashes throughout the game.
Some highlights are:
  • F:16C - Fixed crash with rockets firing after selective jettison
  • F/A:18C - Fixed DCS hangs on SA page.
  • AIM-7 - Fixed bug that caused the missile seeker to not see chaffs.

Development Report #4
  • Hornet & Viper: Our focus is currently on cleaning up the F-16C enough to release it to the “stable” version and there are a number of must have items on the to do list notably Track While Scan (TWS), some flight dynamics tuning and cockpit systems developments. Meanwhile, other team members are at work on the Hornet TWS and weapon systems enhancements. We expect a hard push on the Hornet’s radar and targeting pod by the end of the month.
  • SA-5 (S-200V) new 3D models: The S-200 (NATO: SA-5 Gammon) is a Russian medium to high altitude long-range heavy surface-to-air missile (SAM) system. A highly-proliferated weapon, it is currently in service in at least 12 countries. The later S-200V, S-200M, and S-200VE use the 5V28 missile. The missile measures 10.7 m in length, 0.86 m diameter, and has a range up to 250 km. The 5V28 uses a proximity fused conventional 217 kg HE warhead with semi-active homing guidance.

  • Clouds: A very (cenzura) improvement coming to DCS is already making progress. Just a few of the improvements we are looking to add to this are (the following is subject to change):Different cloud types, such as:Cumulus
  • Сumulonimbus
  • Сirrus
  • And variations.
[*]Localized precipitation [*]Multiple cloud layers [*]Multi-player synchronization [*]Lower Performance overhead with minimal to no “pop-in”

Yours sincerely,
The Eagle Dynamics Team
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