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LotATC > 1.1.2 is out

Posted: 2018-11-13 15:50
by UAV
This version works on any DCS version Fix freezes server issues… It should be fixed now, if you experience it again, let’s me know! Thanks for beta-tester team for the great help on that ! The LotAtc server is now stable, I will concentrate my work on new features! Download: Click to see the changelog for LotAtc 1.1.2... Client
  • Better charts view
  • Add loading data indicator
  • Fix server lags
  • Last optimisation pass on LOS computation
  • Fix client connections issues
  • Previous log is now renamed as old like DCS ones
Server Server LotAtc4DCS - 1.1.2 (EXE) Server LotAtc4DCS - 1.1.2 (OvGME/JSGME)
  • You will need to install the following files for JSGME Mod version (no need with the exe) and unzip it in your {Users}\LotAtc 4 DCS Data\ directory. (ex: C:\Users\DArt\LotAtc 4 DCS Data\relief.db) Caucasus (last update: Feb 3 2018)
  • Nevada (last update: Jan 21 2018)
  • Normandy (last update: Jan 21 2018)
  • Persiangulf (last update: May 26 2018)
[*] FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS IN README inside the package Client LotAtc4DCS - 64 bits - 1.1.2 (EXE) Contact You can contact me: Image Discord Image DCS Forums Image Reddit Image 3rd-Wing (FR) Image Twitter [] Image [/url] []Email[/url]

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