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I just heard of this.

This is the first time I’ve been on ED’s boards since 2006; I was drawn by the news of the F-16’s release, and this is sad news to see on my first day back. I used to be on staff at Simulation Headquarters (SimHQ.com) and was one of the beta testers for Microprose’s “Falcon 4.0” in the 1990s. I was an early adopter of the Flanker series starting with the original 1.0 Commander’s Edition, and in the mid-200s at SimHQ I wrote a series of fictional stories set in a fictional Abkhazia, using the predecessor to DCS World as a basis, starring a Russian character named Alexandra “Sacha” Andreeva. Igor was a fan of that work, and wrote me to help me fine tune her characterization and make her more authentically Russian-as an American and former military veteran I wasn’t up on their culture and made a lot of mistakes early on. Long ago I had a lot of friends working for ED thanks to Sacha’s adventures (Wags, you might remember me), and for all of you I’m so sorry to hear this news and more so that I missed it. I’ve been away from flight sims for many years.

Godspeed, Igor. And thank you for all you did to make the lives of so many military aviation enthusiasts more rich. On both ends of the rifle we soldiers are the same, and in the world of the game we set aside political and cultural differences and embrace that fact. You knew that, and your example often reminded me of it.

Miao, Cat

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