Event list

Date and timeNameSlotsAuthorTypeStatus
2019-11-03 20:00SAM defence training 1/2QbaTNG Rozegrane
2019-03-24 20:00Dog Cup vol.211/39SowinOTH Rozegrane
2019-03-11 20:00Odprawa dla RED8/21SowinTNG Rozegrane
2019-03-10 20:00Odprawa dla BLUE11/16SowinTNG Rozegrane
2019-02-25 20:00Carrier Ops Case III10/21QbaTNG Rozegrane
2019-02-24 20:00Dog Cup F-18 vol.17/16SowinOTH Rozegrane
2019-02-21 20:00Carrier Ops Case III11/21QbaTNG Rozegrane
2019-02-10 20:00Carrier Ops Case I with LSO12/21QbaTNG Rozegrane
2019-01-13 20:00Carrier Ops Case III17/26QbaTNG Rozegrane
2019-01-06 20:00Carrier Ops Case I18/26QbaTNG Rozegrane